Taylor Roth CPA Firm For Nonprofits Is All About Exceptional Service

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Taylor Roth CPA firm helps your nonprofit care better with the proper financials to show for it.

  • What differentiates us from other CPA firms is our dedication to the nonprofit community. We work exclusively with nonprofits, and we are determined to provide only high-quality services.
  • We feel strongly about the value of long-term relationships. The rapport and understanding we have with our clients contributes directly to the quality of accounting and management advice we provide.
  • We want to be your nonprofit accounting and reporting resource. Our clients call us anytime about anything throughout the year and there is no extra charge. We believe a free exchange of information during the year benefits all parties.
  • We work for fixed fees, agreed to in advance, and not hourly rates. We adjust future fees based on the amount of work required, but in no case, will your fee change by more than 5% in any one year for the first three years, for the same level of work.
  • We can accommodate a billing schedule that works for your nonprofit.
  • Our team is dedicated to the nonprofit community and we are continuously training on nonprofit issues so that we are current on nonprofit financial requirements and nonprofit best practices.
  • We work very hard to provide our clients the same auditor each year because consistency can increase efficiency for both parties. However, if for any reason you would like to rotate auditors, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.