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Photo Stephen Taylor, CPA, President

Stephen P. Taylor, CPA
Founder / Wanderer

Long Beach City College, Associates Degree in Science, Chemistry, 1968
University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science, Accounting, 1972

Year of hire:  Founding Partner of Taylor, Roth and Company, PLLC, Certified Public Accountants, and its predecessor company since 1988.

Personal:  I watch birds and I know things.  That’s what I do. (And traveling, RVing, hiking, and photography.)

Why do you work at Taylor Roth?  Taylor Roth is exactly what I wanted the Firm to be.  We work together in a cooperative environment with clients we admire and enjoy.

What is your favorite work-related experience?  I was doing an exit conference with a group of world-class physicists. 
When I finished, one of them was shaking his head.  I asked what was wrong and he said: “Nothing.  I just don’t know how you keep all this stuff straight.”  I thought it was amusing and charming at the time, thinking that someone that smart thought what I was doing was complicated.  There is no way I could listen to him talk about what he does for an hour and feel like I understood everything either, but there is an important message in that moment.  What you do and enjoy every day might seem complicated to others, and second nature to yourself, but working together, we all have something to contribute.

Photo Judy Taylor, Audit Assistant and Traveling Companion Judy Taylor
Administrative Assistant in Charge of the Senior Partner
Traveling Companion

She drives, she cooks
(that's a little wild bird on her shoulder)

Photo Ken Roth, CPA, Senior Auditor Ken Roth, CPA
Partner / Denver

University of Nebraska

Year of hire:  1997

Personal:  I enjoy spending time with my family camping, basketball games, and playing music. 

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth?  One of the things I like most about working with nonprofits is that their missions make our communities better. Their passion to their missions is undeniable. The fact that, in a way, we can help them fulfill their mission is a bit humbling. But even more than that, the group of talented and devoted employees we have, is the main reason we have had success over the years.   

Photo Diane Granger, CPA, Manager Auditor Diane Granger, CPA
Audit Manager / Denver

University of Colorado, Boulder. BS Business, 1979

Year of hire:  1994

Personal:  I enjoy road bike racing, and skiing, as long as my poor knees hold up!

Why do you work at Taylor Roth?  We’re a very different CPA firm.  We believe in quality, but we also believe it’s possible to have a full life outside of work.

Photo Warren Halpern, Senior Auditor

Warren Halpern, CPA, CMA
Sr. Auditor / Denver

Washington State University, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, 1985

The Ohio State University, Master of Business Administration, 1987

Year of hire:  2003

Personal:  Married with a teenage daughter.

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth?  Working at Taylor, Roth and Company allows me the opportunity to work with a great group of individuals that are dedicated to providing services to nonprofit organizations that help improve the community where I live.

Photo David Rumsey David Rumsey
Auditor / Denver

Valdosta State University, BBA Accounting, BBA Finance, 2003

Year of hire:  2006

Personal:  I enjoy tennis, running and hiking with the dogs, and playing old country and folk music.

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth? Working with Taylor Roth allows me a deeper feeling of mission for the clients I work with. While the average firm is about time budgets and the bottom line, Taylor Roth places emphasis in helping our clients improve their accounting policies and procedures, guiding them towards a sustainable future.

Photo Ken Roth, CPA, Senior Auditor Janis Suess, CPA
Auditor / Wanderer 

Minnesota State University, BS Accounting, 1986

Year of hire:  XXXX

Personal:  I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and kayaking.

Patti Patti Gichert, CPA
Auditor / Colorado

University of Northern Colorado, Bachelor of Science with emphasis in Accounting, 1988

Year of hire:  2009

Personal:   When I’m not working I enjoy theatre, travel and time shared with family and friends.

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth? What I like best about my job is the amazing leadership. The company truly values people on a personal level.  I also love that I work from home which allows me to have flexible house and avoid a long daily commute.  I enjoy traveling for a couple of weeks during the year and the interaction client during my onsite visits.

Becky Alexander
990 Specialist / Denver 

University of Colorado at Boulder, BA in Psychology, Magna cum laude, 1991

Year of hire:  2013

Personal:  I live with my husband of 27 years and our four teenaged and young adult kids. We love hanging out as a family. I also love to travel. My favorite trips have been a family trip to the UK in 2011, a family trip to Europe in 2017, and Hawaii with my husband to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Closer to home, I like hiking, reading, listening to my youngest son play music, and cooking. Our current pets include a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, two cats, four parakeets, eight goldfish in the pond out back, and my daughters’ pet rats.

Why do you work at Taylor Roth?  I worked at Taylor Roth right after college, when it was a tiny company. At that time, I was office manager, audit assistant, and 990 Preparer. I stayed home with kids for about 17 years, then came back to work as the 990 Specialist. I love working with all the different non-profit agencies.


Harold Yandik, CPA
Auditor / Denver

Alfred University, BA History, 1996
Regis University, BA Accounting, Summa Cum Laude, 2006

Year of hire:  2012

Personal:  For fun, I chase my children (Edward, 7 yrs., James, 4 yrs.), play guitar (blues and jamband music), cook (down home style) and follow the Yankees – who doesn’t like the Yankees?

Why do you work at Taylor Roth?  Taylor Roth is a great group of people who are also fantastic accountants.  It is rare these days to find a group that can work independently, deliver a quality product, and still all enjoy each other’s company. Our focus is on the client and their specific needs, but our work is not conducted in a stuffy atmosphere.  Out in the field, there are so many people that you get to interact with all working to a different goal and mission.  I especially enjoy when you can give the client a new perspective and appreciation for their own financial statements.

Shannon Gilliland, CPA
Auditor / New Mexico

The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Social Work, 1990
The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science in Social Work, 1995
The University of New Mexico, Master of Accounting, Valedictorian – Anderson School of Business, 2007

Year of hire:  2013

Personal:  My husband and I have two daughters and for the past few years most of our free time has been spent watching their volleyball games and traveling to tournaments. We also have two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle, which bring a lot of joy and fun to our home.  

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth? I like being a part of our nonprofit clients’ journeys. We get to see first-hand what is happening in our communities and bring our skills to the table as a part of the process.   And, Taylor Roth has a great culture – everyone is supportive of one another and everyone brings their best to work every day.

Photo Christina

Christina Lucky, CPA
Auditor / New Mexico

The University of New Mexico, BBA Accounting, 1990

Year of hire:  2016

Personal:  I enjoy anything outdoors, especially gardening and biking

Photo Christina

Dale Erickson, CPA
Auditor / Denver

University of North Dakota, Bachelor of Accountancy, 1989

Year of hire:  2017

Personal:  I enjoy hiking (I would hike every day if possible) and reading (preferably Old West history).

What you like best about working at Taylor Roth? Taylor Roth has a small, family type environment and we are committed to providing a quality service.