Mobile office

 Mobile Office Employment Opportunity

Not your normal accounting opportunity. Live in your RV(recreational vehicle), and travel all of Colorado, working with nonprofit clients.

You'll have to have your own RV, be an experienced auditor well able to work on your own, and be comfortable with computers. Computers and wireless technology make this process possible.You'll need to know how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, 10 key by touch, and have an appreciation for the people and missions of nonprofit organizations.

You'll have the full support of our Denver office of 20 years. We do all the promotion, scheduling, set up, file review, quality control, printing, and report delivery. You do the fieldwork, print the draft reports on site, and have the exit conference before you leave. We provide the technology you'll need.

Less stress. Paid by the job, not by the hour. Each job takes about a week. If you don't want to be scheduled every week, you don't have to be. When you're not scheduled, you can be anywhere you want.

Still working, but ready for something different? Ready for retirement, but need something to hold you over for a few years before you start drawing on your investments? This could work as an extended semi-retirement. Already retired and missing that professional interaction?

Imagine the possibilities.

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 How the work part works

What is the fee arrangement? We already know the fee in advance. We have done every job at least once, so we know what the fee should be. You work as an independent contractor and we split the fee.

What does TaylorRoth provide? We provide and maintain a laptop computer, with all the software you'll need, and a portable printer. We provide a wireless phone modem and pay the monthly fee for unlimited use.

What are we required to provide? You bring your motorhome and tow car, or truck and trailer. You choose how often to work, where to stay, how long to stay.

What about training? All the workpapers and reports in our audit process are integrated. You'll need to train in the Denver office until you're ready to go out on your own.

What if I want to work more? You tell us how much you want to work. We will make every effort to schedule you as much as you want, but no guarantees.

What if I want to work less? This is an easy one. You let us know what weeks you want to be available for scheduling and we schedule you less.

How much will I make per week? The size of the jobs vary, so the fee varies. You can expect an average of about $2,000 per week.

Who pays my expenses? You do. To travel in your RV you would be paying for fuel and camp fees anyway, but now while you're on the road working, some of those costs are deductible.

 How living on the road works

What does it cost to live on the road? Not that much. It strikes us as considerably less expensive than living in a stationary house. You need a motorhome and a tow car, or a pickup and fifth wheel. We don't like to follow a strict budget, but in round numbers, we figure our expenses break out into three categories, each costing about $1,000 per month: food, fuel, and camp fees. They are not fixed. You can exercise enough control to make a difference if you want to.

How do you find places to stay in each town while you work? There are several publications that will direct you to the RV Parks available in each town. Sometimes you're close enough to walk to work. Sometimes it's a twenty mile commute, but on open rural roads.

What if it's too cold or too snowy to get to the job? You can always use hotel rooms as a fallback. We try to avoid scheduling jobs in the high country in the middle of winter, but sometimes weather just happens. We occasionally leave the rig plugged in on the front range and drive to a job in our Jeep and stay in a hotel room (But not very often. We'd always prefer to stay in our own motorhome.).