Monthly bookkeeping


Our monthly bookkeeping service is done at the Denver office. You provide the direction; we handle the data entry and bank reconciliations. We maintain all the software and hardware.  

The process works like this: First, we work with you to verify you have a chart of accounts that will gather the information you need to manage your organization. Then you give us budget amounts for each income and expense account.

Then, on a monthly basis you provide to us:

  • A record of checks, coded by general ledger account
  • A record of bank deposits, coded by general ledger account
  • A description of any unusual activity that is not included in the receipts and disbursements information described above
  • Bank statements for all bank accounts

In return, we provide to you:

  • Bank reconciliations for all active accounts
  • Cash receipts and disbursements journals
  • Posted transactions printout showing all general ledger activity by account for the month
  • Trial balance printout showing the beginning and ending balance in each account for the month
  • Monthly financial statements:
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Activities - consolidated
    • Statement of Activities - by program
    • Budget to actual variance report for current month and year-to-date


  • Instead of writing your own checks each month, you can send us invoices, coded by general ledger account, twice each month, and we will produce your accounts payable checks and return them to you for signature and mailing.
  • Based on input from you each month, we can run your payroll and file all the required reports.

Maximum expected processing time each month is ten workdays from the date that all the required information is received complete. We will transmit your financial statements to you in an electronic format you can print in your office, as well as hard copy by mail.

The fee for these services is based on how much work it actually takes. If you call our office and discuss your details with Jamie, she can give you a monthly fee. There is a one-time charge, equivalent to one month's fee to set up the system for bookkeeping. This setup fee includes any chart of accounts work required.