Mobile office

Mobile Office

What we do: We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations in all of Colorado and New Mexico. We have a fixed office in Denver, Colorado that handles the jobs in that area. All work performed outside the Denver Metro area is done from the Mobile Office. Your fieldwork is done at your site, with all the resources of the Denver office available through digital connection.

How it works: The mobile office is a motorhome. It is on the road full-time. Jobs are scheduled from the Denver office. Jamie manages the calendar from there. When it's time for the job, all the set up work goes to Jamie. She assembles the advance work and forwards it to Steve and Judy out on the road. Steve does the fieldwork with Judy's assistance, drafts the financial statements and management letter, and has the exit conference at the conclusion of the fieldwork. The file is transmitted back to the Denver office for additional quality control. Several people are involved in the process for every job, even though we don't all travel. The report is printed and shipped from Denver.


Why it works: It works for nonprofit organizations because it provides equal access to professional services, regardless of location. It works for our firm because we get to expand what we do to a larger area. It works for the traveling auditors because that?s what they like to do: work with nonprofit organizations and travel. Working with nonprofit organizations is special. So is living in a motorhome and traveling from town to town and state to state. What a great adventure.