Client Portals

July 30, 2008






Client portals allow us to securely exchange information with clients.  The process is not blazing fast, but it is more secure than email.  Faster or slower connections will affect performance.  This works pretty well at the speed of my Verizon card when I?m near a large city.  It should work just fine at the speed of the office internet connection.  It could be a little slow for a client on dial-up.


To log into the website:


Go to

Select the ?Login? button

Enter your email address

Enter your password (everyone?s is annie123 for now)

You options will load.  You should have two.  One for secure file exchange, and one for add/modify client users.


To see files available to download:


Select ?secure file exchange?  The File Vault will load.

Select ?client documents? on the left side of the page.  There are only three client sites in there so far; all for test purposes.

Select ?Taylor, Roth and Company test

On the right side of the page you?ll see files available to download for this client.  There is only one.  Right click it.  Select ?download?.

Select ?save?.

Tell it to save on your desktop.

Go to your desktop and open the file.
















To set up a new client:


To go back to your options from the screen we were just in, press the back arrow.

Select ?add/modify client users?.  (There is a drop down menu that will list existing client users.)

Press ?New Client User?

Put in the contact info: first name, last name, and company  (The company name is what will appear in the list of client portals.  We can have multiple contacts/email addresses assigned to the same company.

Put in the email address.

Assign them a password.  We should use something standard, like maybe taylorroth123.

Select their access rights.  All we want is for them to have access to ?Secure File Exchange?.

Press ?Save?

You?ll get a message that the client was set up successfully.




To place something in the portal for the client to retrieve:


The back arrow will get you back to your portal options.

Select ?Secure File Exchange?.

On the left side of the page select the ?Client Documents? folder.

Open the client you want to share a file with.

Select ?upload?

Use the browse button to locate the file you want to upload.

Press the ?Upload? button.

That should do it.  The file should appear.